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This section keeps track of all updates and changes between releases of J2ME GUI. From time to time, the current status of the latest unreleased version will also be reported here.

  9 Feb 2010, Version 1.2.0
 -Moved to fullscreen mode instead. This was forced by a bug ("design choice") in many newer Nokia devices. It does not trigger key events for the Select button unless in fullscreen mode and only if not using the phone's built-in menu system. As a result, compatibility with a few older devices not supporting fullscreen was sacrificed. You can switch back to non-fullscreen mode using GUICanvas.setFullscreenMode(false).
 -Converted current menu system to fullscreen menu support.
 -Added GUICanvas.toggleMenu to open and close menu.
 -Added GUICanvas.getIsMenuShown.
 -Added the MenuItem class with properties for Text and Value. Simplifies menus.
 -For GUICanvas, changed addCommand to addMenuItem, removeCommand to removeMenuItem, getCommands to getMenuItems, and removeAllCommands to removeAllMenuItems.
 -Added GUICanvas.insertMenuItemAt to insert a menu item in a specific index.
 -Removed GUICanvas.setCommandListener and GUICanvas.getCommandListener.
 -Added MenuItemclickedListener.
 -Added styling support for Menu system.
 -Added support for a title bar.
 -Added Select and Cancel buttons in menubar when using Symbols menu.
 -Added GUICanvas.setMenuItemClickedListener and GUICanvas.getMenuItemClickedListener to provide similar functionality as with command menus.
 -Added Image.scaleAliased for bi-linear image scaling. This is much slower than the Image.scale function, so only use it when quality is a concern.
 -Added soft keyboard support.
 -Added touch screen support for menu system.
 -Added touch screen support for components.
 -Added Scrollbar.getIsVisible that can be used to determine if the scrollbar is actually drawn.
 -Added touch screen support for all scrollbars.
 -Support: Bug on some phones where only released event is triggered. Work-around added.
 -Fixed: Could not easily navigate out of a container.
 -Fixed: Listboxes didn't recalculate item positions when removing an element.
 -Fixed: Special key menu incorrectly displayed pressed state for first character choice.
 -Fixed: Scroll behaviour issue after opening special key menu.
 -Fixed: Focus issue with Symbols Menu when using menu system.
 -Fixed: Handling of certain special input characters in qwerty mode caused undesired results.
  16 Jan 2010, Version 1.1.0
  - Added GUICanvas.getCommandListener.
  - Added event RefreshListener, Container.addRefreshListener, and Container.removeRefreshListener.
  - Forms will repaint without requiring a PerformLayout or ResumeLayout when adding/removing components.
  - Added text wrapping capabilities for label components. Added Label.setTextWrap, Label.enableTextWrap and Label.getTextWrap.
  - Autosize and textwrapping will autosize the vertical dimension of the label.
  - Added garcer.j2megui.layouts package with Layout interface.
  - Added layouts.NoLayout. Requires absolute positioning of components.
  - Added layouts.HorizontalList. Will arrange items top to bottom, with option to left-, center-, or right-align components.
  - Added layouts.VerticalList. Will arrange items left to right, with option to top-, middle, or bottom-align components.
  - Added layout functionality to containers with default layout set to NoLayout.
  - Added Component.getAllowsLayout and .setAllowsLayout. Used to override layout object's rules and use absolute positioning for a particular component.
  - Added Container.doLayout to manually perform layout operations.
  - Added GUICanvas.getInstance to access the last created instance of the GUI engine.
  - Container autosize can be set to none, width only, height only, or full (width and height).
  - Added Container.getAutoSizeMargin and Container.setAutoSizeMargin.
  - Added Component.setHasFocus overload that will optionally scroll the focused component into view.
  - Added overloads for Link.setGlyph to automatically size the left margin to the size of the glyph, as well as to specify a single image for all component states.
  - Added Link.getGlyphAlignment and Link.setGlyphAlignment to adjust vertical alignment of the glyph relative to its text.
  - Added Image.scale to resize images.
  - Added Textbox.setMaxLength and Textbox.getMaxLength to restrict the maximum number of characters a textbox may contain.
  - Added Textbox.lastChar which will return the last character replaced/added to the textbox.
  - Textbox components can enter password field mode using setIsPasswordField.
  - The last character entered into a password field can be displayed on screen by setting showLastPasswordChar to true (default).
  - Added GUICanvas.isLayoutAllowed to check whether redraws are suspended or enabled.
  - Added Listbox.getSelectedIndex and Listbox.setSelectedIndex.
  - Added Combobox.addComponent to allow custom components to be added to its list.
  - Added Component.getTag and Component.setTag, which is a custom property associated with each component that can be used for any purpose by the developer.
  - Added Listbox.setSelectedIndex overload and Listbox.setSelectedItem overload that can be used to prevent onSelect event from being raised.
  - Added .getAllowEvents and .setAllowEvents to Component and GUICanvas classes to suppress or allow events to be raised for the component.
  - Updated all J2ME GUI events to obey the allowEvents property of the Component class.
  - Changed the Textbox.setTextLeaveCarat function to public.
  - Added GUICanvas.getNewInstance, which will always create a new instance of GUICanvas, retrievable via .getInstance. Same effect as new GUICanvas().
  - Changed Container.removeComponentAt to also return a boolean success/failure as with .removeComponent.
  - Added Textbox.setEnableSymbolsMenu and Textbox.getEnableSymbolsMenu to control whether symbols menu should be used, or the * character.
  - Added Component.calcAbsCoords(Container) to calculate absolute coordinates inside the specified container.
  - Changed Component.checkComponentStyleState to public.
  - Added GUICanvas.getFocusedComponent to retrieve the component that has input focus regardless of its location or container.
  - Added Container.getInputFocusComponent and Container.setInputFocusComponent which is a property only available to containers that can be declared as active containers. This will set or return the component with input focus regardless of its nesting.
  - Altered: Behavior of the GUICanvas.WaitForRepaint function to force repaint even if layout is suspended.
  - Documentation: Minor JavaDoc changes.
  - Fixed: Did not always redraw if pipeline was flooded with redraw requests.
  - Fixed: Font not applied when using TextStyle.copyTo.
  - Fixed: A few form navigation issues.
  - Fixed: Navigation bug with combobox.
  - Fixed: Problems with removal of focused component.
  - Fixed: Clearing canvas when component in editing mode.
  - Fixed: Editing a character in textbox non-qwerty mode with max length set to 0 failed.
  - Fixed: Dropdown menu and symbols menu were affected by layout controllers. Should be ignored.
  - Fixed: Did not scroll on scrollable canvas if no focusable components existed.
  - Fixed: Scrolling to focused component did not function as expected when scrolling beyond top and bottom container bounds.
  1 Oct 2009, Version 1.0.0
  - The first release of J2ME GUI.


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